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  • Increase muscle size and strength, even in hard gainers
  • Enhance muscle building and retention for those 40 and older
  • Boost recovery, stamina, pumps and endurance

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Muscle Synergy tablets

SKU: 0025
  • The pumps are just the beginning. 

    Available in tablets and a ready-to-mix powder, Muscle Synergy contains a potent blend of clinically dosed ingredients that work synergistically to take your pumps, strength, and muscle development to the promised land. Fortified with the leucine metabolite HMB, Muscle Synergy also promotes recovery and defends you against age-associated muscle loss. 

    Size: 240 tablets (15 servings) 


    • Muscle Building & Preservation
    • Performance
    • Recovery

    Why people like it 

    • The results: Men and women report that they build muscle and get leaner at the same time while using Muscle Synergy. They like that it makes their body look hard and defined, not bulky or bloated.
    • Unique formula: Muscle Synergy contains over 8,500 mg total of arginine and citrulline, amino acids that act synergistically to promote bigger, longer-lasting pumps. At the same time, clinical doses of HMB and creatine boost muscle size and strength gains above and beyond what can be achieved with training alone.
    • Makes a great pre-workout!

    Who is this product ideal for? 

    • Anyone who wants to maximize pumps and boost muscle size and strength gains.
    • Muscle Synergy may be especially useful for individuals 40 years of age or older.

    Secrets to Success 

    • Under 200 lb: Take 16 tablets or 2 scoops daily.
    • 200 lb and over: Take 24 tablets or 3 scoops daily.
    • Divide your allotment of tablets or scoops into smaller doses and take them throughout the day, ideally upon awakening in the morning and before working out. For instance, a 170-lb male would take 2 scoops or 16 tablets daily, divided into two equal doses of 1 scoop or 8 tablets each.
    • Numerous clients have reported impressive results by stacking Muscle Synergy with Quadracarn.
  • Ironclad Guarantee: Not only does Muscle Synergy have a proven track record, but we back it up with a full money back guarantee. So, get your hands on Muscle Synergy and take your turn at accumulating new muscle mass and strength faster than ever before! 

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